In search and rescue (SAR) operations, the key to success often lies in detecting the invisible. The DJI Mavic 3 Thermal stands out in its ability to uncover individuals through their body heat in difficult terrains and poor visibility conditions.

Thermal imaging has become an essential tool for law enforcement agencies worldwide in detecting and tracking. These cameras are highly accurate, versatile, and effective at detecting small, fast-moving objects at low altitudes.

A thermographic inspection is either an interior or exterior survey. Interior scans are more common, because warm air escaping from a building does not always move through the walls in a straight line.

Using drones to calculate stockpile measurements makes it easy to compare your current stockpile volumes to previous surveys and track site progress.

All objects with temperatures above absolute zero (0 Kelvin) can be seen using a thermal sensor. Use cases include surveillance and security, infrastructure inspections, water source identification, livestock detection and heat signature detection.

The thermal cameras are also extremely useful during the mop up stage of a fire, when it is extremely important for ground crews to locate and extinguish hot spots along the fireline, insuring that further spread of the fire is prevented.

Thermal cameras see through smoke making it easy to identify where exactly where fires are. This greatly improves fire fighter safety while providing a swifter attack response.

MTN Thermal Drone Services

Residential, Commercial and Agricultural Thermal Inspections

MTN Drone Services, Advanced licensed drone pilot with rugged mountain experience.

Services Offered

  • Search and Rescue, day and night.

  • Thermal imaging.

  • Night vision technology.

  • Roof inspections.

  • Solar farm solar panel inspections.

  • Payload carry and drop up to 1kg.

  • Power line inspections.

  • Electrical thermal inspections

  • Stockpile capacity measurement.

  • Wind farm windmill inspections.

  • Real estate video.


high-resolution cameras explore and capture vacations, and events, or simply capture scenic landscapes from unique perspectives.


Commercial applications have  benefited from the integration of drones. Aerial images and videos captured by drones expedite decision-making …


Another important application of the technology, where drones are offering farmers affordable and effective methods to monitor crops.

Thermal Inspections

Detection and scanning of people and animals, as well as other areas that emanate heat. Thermal cameras can calculate the temperature.

Specializeing in infrared searches day and night 3D stockpile capacity measurements thermal inspections by drone and by hand inside buildings.